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Welcome to our website! Here at Easy Affordable Accounting LLC we specialize in start-ups and micro businesses. We believe it is necessary in the early stages of business to learn the value of great accounting and what it can bring to the table. We focus on collaborating with the business owner to discover your needs and create accounting statements that you can not only use but really understand to ensure your business grows and flourishes. Our speciality is small and micro businesses.

This is a virtual accounting firm, we respect your time so you can contact us 24 hours a day - rather than just the normal 9-5. We have a 24 hour (or less) turnaround. It is our sincere desire to make accounting accessible.

Our mission is to walk alongside our clients as a partner which seamlessly integrates accounting with the business, without the confusion; while maintaining affordable rates so we are accessible to a wide client base.

Our Motto:

Take the guess work out of accounting.

Firm Spotlight


Hello, I am Shawneen Kelly founder and owner of Easy Affordable Accounting LLC. I have been in the accounting industry for 13 years now, in addition to 13 years of Tax experience, I bring a combined 18 years to the table. I served the in the US Army for nearly 4 years as a counterintelligence agent and an interrogator. I bring some of this experience to my business as well, I have developed a keen eye for detail and I am great at sorting through data to make it meaningful for others.

The reason I decided to start Easy Affordable Accounting LLC was because I felt there was a void in the marketplace. Too many people in the accounting and bookkeeping industry have lost sight of the purpose for their work, they are so consumed with the bottom line and the almighty dollar that many have lost sight of the true purpose, our clients. It is our job to take your data and form it into something useful for you. It is my job to assist you to build the data you need; and to show you not only how to read these documents but also how to maximize your business and help you take it to the next level. Accounting here is a partnership the way it was always intended to be. I ensure that Easy Affordable Accounting takes a client-centric approach; after all, you are the reason I am here. As such it is my honest hope that I can make the accounting aspect in your business both easy and affordable for you, that is where our name comes from, and our service proves it.

My business model is simple, I give you my time, I listen to you and help you choose the best way to meet your needs. I offer two avenues to do that. If you are the do-it-yourself type I can help you set up QuickBooks, get your initial data put in there and help you maintain your data so it is always reliable. If you are of the more hands off type I can perform your bookkeeping. All you do is submit your documents (like receipts and invoices) and I do all of the data entry and build the statements for you. I also feel that since most services within the accounting industry are connected I just bundle them together. I find it absurd to charge separately for a question that is important to you and my job to assist you with, I also bundle in tax preparation so you never have a surprise bill at the end of the month. I love surprises just not with my money!

I am a service disabled veteran from the Iraq war, I have a passion for fellow veterans, so I offer discounts to veteran business owners and I seek my employment pool from veterans with a priority for disabled veterans.

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